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Feels like its been forever since ive been on here but hey - lets try this new year new me bullshit. 

on facebook i think im definitely about to delete a hundred or so people i dont talk to because im just ready for bigger and better things and some of those people dont need their nose in my business! fuck people dude. even the ones who claimed to be my best friend….. yet couldnt even bare to make it down the street to my birthday party for any ANY length of time even though i invited them over a month in advance. fuck you. thats right. forget me doing any god damn free favors for you bitch. once school is over youre out of my life. such a life sucker.

i cant wait to be in florida where i can start over and ill have already learned the hard lesson that some people just arent going to be your friend no matter what fake ass mask they put on to try to believe differently. 

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Fuck everything we had . It obviously meant nothing to you .

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Everything about school makes me want to die

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Fuck everyone.

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I’m a terrible person and I’ve stopped giving a shit

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